Why get WordPress Plug-ins


If you are told to identify one distinct attribute about WordPress that makes it the most preferred blogging platform, it is the range of plug-ins it offers. WordPress plug-ins got a plethora of features, and these are exceedingly user-friendly. However, in addition to navigation ease and simplicity of functionality, there is much more to expect from these plug-ins.


  • There is nothing like getting an application adding value to your search engine rank. Unlike those conventional URLs which look like a complex mishmash of numbers and codes and got little to help the search engine rank, plug-ins leverage your URL with words of your blog’s title. This is much more advantageous in terms of optimization because search engines can easily identify such concise web addresses.
  • As a professional blogger or webmaster, you may be more than happy to know the traffic driving sources as also which of your posts stand high in terms of popularity. This remarkable feature can be obtained by way of plug-in named WordPress Stats. Everything including number of page views, regular visitors etc. is at your fingertips; you only need to click the link updated in the dashboard.
  • There are dedicated WordPress plug-ins to share your published content over social networking platforms like Facebook, Twitter, etc.
  • With a plug-in like Akismet, you can check and control the comments received over your blogs. This is a great way to keep your blog protected from spammers.
  • Popularity can often be offensive and this reality goes true in case of WordPress. The content on your blog is always likely to be preyed to disruptive practices and therefore, you need help. This sensible plug-in is known as The Chap Secure Login which keeps your password concealed. The Login Lockdown plug-in is an even extended version, as it records the IP addresses of suspicious users.
  • Add the contact form plug-in to your blog and you are ready to be directly connected just at the click of mouse.


In short, custom WordPress plug-ins not only embellish your WordPress blogs or simplify functionality, but also are important for your blog’s sanity and security.


Get a Custom WordPress Plug-in Expert


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