If you are running a business which has a physical presence, then you are definitely going to need the services of an SEO company that can provide you local search engine optimization services. However, to a lot of people the term ‘local SEO service’ remains engulfed in mystery. Why exactly do you need it and how is it different from national and international SEO? The next couple of paragraphs will make things abundantly clear to you.

What is Local Search Engine Optimization?

Local SEO is basically the use of those online marketing and search engine optimization techniques that is used for businesses which are specifically targeting location-specific keywords. Local keywords are, therefore, targeted to ranking higher in local algorithms.

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What types of businesses require Local SEO?

A business that gets a major chunk of its customers locally should go for this type of SEO. If your business has a physical presence in any city, then you must hire a company providing local SEO services which can offer you highly specialized and localized SEO services.

How is Local SEO different from National SEO?

All elements of national SEO such as on-page factors, link building, social networking, indexing, etc. apply to local search engine marketing as well. However, there are certain elements which apply only to local SEO and not the national one. Creation of local profile on search engines is one of them. Citation is another important element that cannot be ignored while optimizing websites for local businesses. You need to ensure that your local citation efforts link closely to local listings. Reviews also play a key role in local rankings on major search engines.

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